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Radiant 101 Toyoset

Radiant 101 Toyoset
Product Code: DC-90
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R-101 Toyoset
A radiant heater with convenient removable fuel tank.

Attractive new design with enough capacity for average sized rooms.
Part Number: R-101
Heat Rating 10,000 BTU/H
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.24 gallons
Buring Time/Tank 16-24 hours
Size (WxDxH) 23" x 12" x 17 1/4"
Net Weight 24.9 lbs (empty)
Igniter Powered by two (2) "D" size batteries
Heating Area*
420 (0°F)
500 (20°F)

Subject to change with or without notice.
* 0°F Heat Load = 24 BTU/FT2/hr
20°F Heat Load = 20 BTU/FT2/hr
Heating Area varies according to outside air temperature, insulation and square footage of windows. The square footage given assumes that no other heat source is used in the room.
Check state and local code for permitted uses.

  • Triple Safety Shut-Off
  • "Cool Top" to prevent accidental contact burn
  • Wick-Stop mechanism
  • New igniting system
  • Heat Rating: 10,000 BTU/H
  • Meets New UL and CPSC requirements.
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