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Double Clean-90

Double Clean-90
Double Clean-90 Double Clean-90 Double Clean-90
Product Code: DC-90
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The cleanest burning kerosene heater in the world.

The Double Clean features a unique Dual Burn Chamber1 design that burns the kerosene twice to reduce emissions to levels well below those of any other kerosene heater. This has been confirmed by a study performed by a U.S. Government Testing Agency2, and the design has won a National Safety Council Award for Achievement in product Safety. The Double Clean also provides greater adjustability and more efficient heat transfer for more effective heating with less fuel---an added benefit that comes as no surprise.

Note the DC-90 is the same heater as the DC-100, only the color is different.

Part Number: DC-90
Heat Rating 17,500-11,200 BTU/H
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.95 gallons
Buring Time/Tank 15-23 hours
Size (WxDxH) 18-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 24-3/8"
Net Weight 26.9 lbs (empty)
Shipping weight (Lbs.)  
Igniter Powered by two (2) "C" size batteries
Heating Area*
470-730 (0°F)
560-880 (20°F)
  • Wick Life Extender 3
  • Triple Safety Shut-Off
  • Wick-Stop Mechanism
  • Special Safety Guards to prevent accidental contact burn
  • Double Wall Tank design that prevents fuel leakage even when the heater is tipped over.

The Double Clean's Dual
Burn Chamber Design

U. S. Government Agency (C.P.S.C.) Test confirmed the Double Clean is the cleanest burning portable kerosene heater you can buy. The charts below compare the Double Clean with other conventional kerosene heaters.

1 PATENT #4390003
2 CPSC---U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
3 PATENT #4498862

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